Rae Spoon has facilitated workshops and mentored many different individuals and groups of participants.

To inquire about Rae mentoring or facilitating a workshop in your community please contact:

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  • Creative BC Grant Coaching 2020 (Grant coaching for under-represented artists in BC)
  • BC Touring Council Mentorship 2019 and 2020 (Mentorship on touring for emerging musicians in BC)
  • Regina Folk Festival Indiginous Music Partnership August 2019 (Mentorship for emerging Indigenous musicians performing at the Regina Folk Festival)
  • Music Producer’s Lounge in Vancouver June 2019 (Music production workshop for women and/or non-binary)
  • City and Islington College in London February 2018 (Youth storytelling workshop)
  • Indigenous Music Residency in Falcon Lake, Manitoba January 2018 (Music business mentor at residency for Indigenous musicians)
  • Beats and Braids Festival in Peterborough October 2016 (Community storytelling workshop)
  • Costume Making and Music Video Workshop in Toronto June 2016 (A three-day workshop with LGBTQ and ally youth making costumes and filming a music video)
  • Yellowknife Pride Song writing Workshop August 2015 (One-hour group song writing workshop with community participants)
  • Calgary Camp Fyrefly Artist in Residence July 2015 (Mentor for youth at four-day camp. (Song writing and creative writing workshops)
  • Edmonton Pride Center Youth Song writing Workshop April 2014 (two-hour group song writing workshop with queer youth.)
  • Island Mountain Arts Annual Art School in Wells, BC August 2013 (Facilitating a three-day computer music workshop with adults and youth)
  • GSA Conference in Edmonton November 2012 (Two one-hour group song writing workshops with GSA youth)
  • Outlink Queer Youth Song Writing Workshop in Calgary October 2012 (A two-day group song writing workshop with youth)
  • Island Mountain Arts Annual Art School in Wells, BC in July 2012 (Facilitating two-day ukulele workshop as well as one-day computer music workshop with adults)
  • Project 10 in Montreal March 2012 (A two-part workshop where queer youth composed a song to perform at Montreal Pride)
  • Brandon Folk Festival Music Industry Workshop February 2012 (Workshop on the Canadian music industry)
  • Halifax Queer Youth Project February 2012 (An afternoon workshop with youth participants where participants composed a theme song for queer camp)
  • The 519 Center in Toronto January 2012 (Youth song writing workshop where participants composed as a group)
  • Camp Ten Oaks in Ottawa August 2011(Two one-hour group song writing workshops with youth (ages 8–19)
  • Project Acorn in Ottawa July 2011 (A one-day self-expression workshop for queer youth where they wrote a song together (ages 15–21).
  • Rock Camp For Girls in Vancouver July 2011 (A one-day group song writing workshop with girls (ages 7–17))
  • Brandon Folk Music Festival Song Writing Workshop October 2010 (Songwriting workshop for emerging artists)
  • Crossing Communities and Stella in Montreal March 2010 (Video and sound workshops for women who are members of Stella an autonomous association of sex workers, are organizing and fighting for the decriminalization of sex work as well as providing other services for sex workers)
  • Katimavik Song Writing Workshop in Charlottetown November 2009 (Wrote and recorded song about experience and place with Katimivik participants)
  • Calgary Boys and Girls club Rock Opera Intensive August 2009 (One-week intensive at Calgary Boys and Girls club writing a rock opera with participating youth and local musician Ethan Cole)
  • Halifax Queer Youth Song Writing Project July 2009 (Collaboration with participants from the Halifax Queer Youth Project to write/record songs.  Presented at the Halifax Pride Celebration)
  • Head and Hands and Articule in Montreal November 2008 – June 2009 (A project working with at-risk youth in Montreal to create animations with sound themed on gender and power structures)
  • Head and Hands and Articule in Montreal (November 2008 – June 2009 (A two-day workshop working with at risk youth in Montreal to create animations with sound themed on place)